James is a self taught artist who has been making fine quality jewelry for almost two decades.

He has been featured on Antique Roadshow and on Illustrate Arizona on Tucson PBS stations.

He has won a dozen or more first place or best of show awards at fine art shows all around the

country. He has jewelry in more than 48 foreign countries as well as the US. He is a writer and has

written for several art and craft magazines.

His path as an artist became clear to him after owning a mine in Arizona. His mining project turned into a passion for cutting turquoise and other gemstones. Cutting of these beautiful stones turned into another passion; turning those stones into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of art in the form of jewelry. He uses only natural or stabilized turquoise, azurite and Chrysocolla, with a bit of Cuprite thrown in to make exquisite, rare gems completed in sterling or gold.  Jim does not use any dyed stones, and gets turquoise mined in North America. He also uses a small variety of other hard to find stones such as ruby in Fuschite, opal, picture jaspers and bumble bee jasper to make his creations.




Jim and Mimi Shelago started their art journey almost 2 decades ago, making jewelry and home decor items out of fossil and stone in their garage. Within months the couple were doing four or five farmers markets a week in the Phoenix area, but they dreamed bigger.

The Shelagos decided to go on the road to test the market for their unique products under the name Medusas Fossil and Stone Creations. For almost ten years they traveled the country in a travel trailer displaying and selling their one of a kind items at fine art and craft shows. Suddenly Jim's jewelry became a hit and the rest is history!!


Jim and Mimi settled down in a historic location in Tucson, Arizona under the new name, Shelagos Artwerks USA and continued the tradition they had started many years ago. After new ownership took over the complex they were located in, Jim and Mimi decided the complex was going in the opposite direction of what they needed for their clientele, and made the move to Phoenix. Settling into a smaller location, they are now catering to the rockhound more than ever! Almost everything in the gallery revolves around rocks and gemstones. Jim's workshop is still onsite, so you can still get that custom piece of jewelry and can still talk to the artist. Beautiful art, unique jewelry and great customer service......we have it all at Shelagos Artwerks USA.


Years of custom jewelry design experience with real turquoise and gemstones