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Victoria Stone

  • Absolutely one of the rarest stones I carry with one of the best stories!!

  • This is a man made stone made from real stones back in the 50's. The stone was created by a scientist named Amori in Japan.

  • As the story goes, Mr. Amori was kinda like most rock hounds, and decided that he could make his own spectacular rock out of others. It is said that he took nine different stones, (of which we only can prove feldspar and jasper), put everything in an enclave at around 2000 degrees F with over a thousand pounds per square inch of pressure and cooked the stones for an unknown period of time. His sons said that after cooking it, that he allowed the conglomeration to set in the pot for months, slowly reducing the heat and pressure.

  • When he finally opened the pot, this incredible stone was there. It immediately became a hit with people who cut stones, and Mr. Amori figured he had the future made for he and his family.

  • Unfortunately he soon passed, never leaving the recipe for the new stone and for years people have been trying to figure it out. The only stone available now, and supposedly there is less than 50 pounds in the world, comes from those like myself who bought some and just set on it.

  • It has became very valuable, selling by the caret or even half caret in some instances. The deep blue and emerald green are the most valuable, although the light blue carries a premium price as well.

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