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Rainbow Calcite

  • This is another one of those really unusual stones with a great story behind it. This stone has been around for a few years and almost all of us in the business, at least geologists have agreed that it is not a real stone. Over the past year or so I heard the story about it from a friend of mine who talked to the people who had the stone.

  • Seems like there was a pottery factory down in Mexico for a great many years, and every day they would sweep their leavings, which consisted of sands, silts and clays, along with the dye they used in their pottery, into a ravine. After a long period of time they had to start cleaning it up and found that due to compression, the conglomeration of the items swept into the ravine had turned into a very soft stone. It was shipped up to Kingman for stabilization and suddenly became a very beautiful, easily worked stone. Not a lot of it around anymore but it sure is beautiful.

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